100 % Venture Debt Financing - A Capital Idea for Start-ups:

Access to capital is the paramount concern of emerging growth companies:

First and foremost, a start-up must secure the proper amount of capital; too little and it may fail to thrive, too much and it may become bloated and unable to grow efficiently.

Cost is critical as well—many an entrepreneur and investors have built successful companies only to find that the fruits of their labor have been diluted significantly along the way.

These concerns have led to demand for supplemental forms of financing that provide start-ups with the capital they need, at a cost that makes sense.

To meet this need, venture debt has emerged as an integral part of the entrepreneur’s toolkit.

Using Venture Debt:

When utilized appropriately, venture debt can reduce dilution, extend a company’s runway, or accelerate its growth with limited cost to the business.

If utilized poorly or with unfavorable terms, debt can reduce a company’s flexibility or become an obstacle to future equity raises:

Venture debt can be useful in the following instances:

• When a company wants incremental capital to accelerate growth without taking equity.

• In conjunction with, or following, an equity round to provide additional capital without increasing dilution.

• For the purchase of equipment.

• For acquisitions or

• when the amount of capital needed is too small for an equity round.

As new venture models evolve in the coming years, venture debt will continue to represent a way for entrepreneurs and investors to support the success of their companies.

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