Are you an investor? Are you looking for an absolutely secure top return ... read here!

Are you an investor? Are you looking for an absolutely secure top return ... read here!

(updated 01.08.2023)

Interest rates have been continuously increased by the international central banks for some time. This is associated with fatal consequences for certain industries - especially in the real estate sector. Due to very favorable building interest rates in times of negative interest rates, commercial construction companies and private builders/women now have the massive problem of enormously increasing interest costs. This is – especially for private individuals – an existential problem. Building applications are falling massively in the commercial and private sectors. Extremely rising costs of building materials and significant supply chain problems are other current and future prospects that are difficult to calculate. Building has become expensive – very expensive in fact! Despite great market demand, selling and renting is becoming more and more problematic, because entire sections of the population can hardly or no longer meet the increased costs. ... and it is not certain that the central banks will continue to gradually raise interest rates in order to get the high inflation under control.

What options do commercial and private investors have in this environment to secure and increase their capital?

There are actually very interesting and lucrative alternative investment opportunities. One of the best is investing in future-oriented companies and start-ups in the pharmaceutical, bio and IT sectors. The most successful companies worldwide can be found in the IT sector and here in particular in the Internet segment. Giants like Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Ebay, Microsoft, Oracle and many other companies dominate their respective markets and generate incredible sales and profits. They were all pushed and supported by far-sighted investors!

I want to set up a start-up company with well-founded, long-standing IT know-how in the field of the Internet and am planning to create and go online a communication platform for adults. Our technical and marketing know-how for this project is at the highest level. The market for the envisaged segment has been researched in detail over the long term and completely analyzed (all relevant documents are complete!). In the intended target market, Germany is the absolute market leader worldwide! Erotic sites account for around 12.5% of all internet traffic in Germany! Info: The world average is 7.7% and e.g. USA 8.3%. There are few European providers with sufficient know-how! Because of the lack of a good offer in Europe, users therefore use products from two suppliers in the USA.

According to published information, economic experts estimate the GERMAN MARKET at at least 1.9 billion euros per year! This number is about 10 years old and has been overtaken since years! Unfortunately, there are extremely few publicly reliable and up-to-date figures. If you know where to look, you can find very good numbers. I know this info...

Investment: 7.0 million euros
Profit share: 12.0% (twelve percent p.a. for 6 years)
Minimum income: approx. 26.1 million euros
Additional income from advertising, merchandise, shop, licenses increase the profit massively!

We offer investors the opportunity to invest in our start-up company to be founded. In any case, the return to be achieved is in an area that will definitely MORE THAN POSITIVELY convince every potential investor and can be verified in detail (even live and online) at any time. We are therefore planning to start a solid company in a core area of IT. All areas and factors of the new start-up are of course secured in such a way that the investor (and also we) has the highest possible security.

Absolute discretion and seriousness have top priority for me.
I look forward to meet you!

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