The Kids Hotel Resele

Resele Kids hotel" is a special concept in Trygghetsboende Resele fundraising foundation.

The Kids Hotel Resele project is located in a small town approx. 25 km northwest of Sollefteå, the central town in the community. Resele is located in the middle of Sweden, a short distance from the high coast of the Gulf of Bothnia and is a popular destination for nature lovers.

The purpose of the fundraising foundation is to build and run a children"s hotel open to everyone who needs a change of environment. The reasons can be varied and must be open to everyone who needs a change of environment. The foundation is non-partisan and religious. More information is available at

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Children who live in economically vulnerable families are less involved in society, tend to have lower grades in school, often live in unsafe living conditions and lack a sense of being able to realize their dreams. There can of course be several reasons why a child needs to change the environment for a shorter period.

We work to ensure that children have the opportunity to live with their mostly single parents in a rural, scenic environment with various nature experiences and activities on the program. Children should get an alternative impression of life, is the idea.

We know that many children in the world are having a hard time. An alternative is to give e.g. unaccompanied refugee children a new start in life. Here they would find a secure upbringing and support to shape their future. Competent, language-savvy staff help and guide the children to a new future.

The property has a plot area of approx. 7000 m2. The former barn is demolished and a new house is built as a children"s hotel. Children should have the opportunity to contribute their imagination to the new house. Here, children should be able to develop their individual characteristics. There must be a workshop for creation in the form of music, film, art or anything else the child would like to do. In addition, children get to experience the environment with many different opportunities for activities all year round, such as football, skiing, mountain biking, etc. Resele and its surrounding area offer several special activities and nature experiences. Marriott International will set up a hotel in the nearby village Junsele under 2024.

There are different options for financing. The children"s hotel and the safe accommodation for seniors, for example, can be financed through various crowdfunding concepts, which means that many people together support a project before it is started or fully developed. The project is eligible for EU grants and other possible grants, which makes the project realistic. However, the project must be pre-financed by donations and financial support from the EU and other organizations and is usually paid out afterward when costs for purchased services and goods have been reported.

We use Block Revisionsbyrå, Sollefteå, Sweden, which guarantees transparency in the financial conditions of the business and whoever, for some reason, needs to review our accounts has every right to do so. Contact us and we can send you the latest annual report.

Join us and give children support and visions for the future. As a donor, you are helping to change the world for the better.

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