100% 144A Corporate Bond Financing worldwide

We would like to refer your funding led to our 20 years old, BBB-accredited business A+ financial service company – not a direct lender but rather a clearinghouse for hundreds of different funding lenders and funding sources, located in New York, USA to whom we are liaised and working directly.

They have an A+ rating on a scale of A+ to them with the BBB, which after 20 years in business they are very proud of the review and work on several hundred loans each year.

They are accredited by the Better Business Bureau which, among other things, means that they have not had even ONE unresolved complaint in all their years in business having serviced thousands of clients.

Advantages of Project Bonds:

Project bonds open an alternative debt funding avenue to source financing for infrastructure-related projects.

Traditionally, deals have been financed through banks, however, the implementation of Basel III regulations requires stricter monitoring and disclosures, ultimately leading to higher costs and higher capital requirements.

These higher costs will be passed through to the project developers translating to diminished project IRRs (internal rates of return).

By accessing the institutional bond market, companies are potentially able to reduce the project funding cost.

Bond Funding is a fast, low-cost, non-recourse way to finance many types of real estate and non-real estate projects.

It can take the form of either a 144A or Reg D structure.

To further enhance an offering the client has the options of debt, convertible debt, preferred convertible stock, preferred stock, or stock to raise the desired capital.


Locations Available:

Funding Amount:
$1 Million USD to $500 Million USD (no cap).

Term & Condition:

• Lender funds up to 100% LTV/LTC.
• No first lien.
• No credit checks.
• No asset verification.
• No personal guarantee.
• No loss of equity in your business.
• Option to defer payments up to 12-24 months.
• Lender points are built into the bond.
• Financing can be done in one lump sum upfront - depending on project needs.

Eligible Projects:
Stabilized Real Estate
Oil & Gas
Major Business Acquisition/Expansion

Interest Rates:
Approximately: 4.0 % - 6.0 % p.a.
depends on the project and location –
please note the interest rate will change very soon.

Up to 30 years amortized, Interest only during construction.

Closing Timeline:
Approximately 60 - 90 days

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